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Meditation - How it Can Help with Mental Health
26 Mar 2021

Meditation - How it Can Help with Mental Health

After working with Tracy I didn’t want to give my name but wanted to share how her work assisted me with my mental health which at one point sent me into a rock bottom state – here goes:

I have suffered most of my life with anxiety, it has affected my lifestyle, relationships, and career on many occasions. The panic attacks, headaches, racing heart, feeling of fear and dread, worrying constantly, nausea and feeling faint are just some of the systems I would feel daily.

Tracy Ann Hughes - Brain.jpg

3 years ago, I tried to take my own life, I was diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) several months after, during that current period of my life I was on strong anti-depressants, sleeping tablets and receiving therapy as my anxiety was severe and I had depression.  

Therapy and medication can only help so much though. The medication made me feel numb to all emotions, like I was a hollow shell, not even half the person I used to be. I managed to get up and get through a day, only just about functioning. Therapy was where I talked about what I was feeling and the therapist would check to see if there was improvement on my mood, my flash backs were less, the physical feelings had reduced, and I was managing to sleep. 

Previously before I had PTSD, I received therapy for my anxiety and depression, which is where I found my love for fitness, it was my release. But with the PTSD it was more cognitive, more internal healing was needed. After the episode of trying to take my life and being so low and unable to get out of bed, something snapped in me! Why should I let this horrible illness take my life from me, take my happiness, and make me feel worthless?

I started reading other people’s stories that were like my experience and one thing that kept popping up was meditation and how it helped these people heal. I started downloading podcasts and trying to meditate, I was feeling calmer for only a short period of time and if I had to face things, I was anxious about, worrying about certain environments etc, my anger would rear its ugly head or something would trigger my PTSD and I would be knocked back again, days of low moods and feeling worthless. Until a year ago this strong, amazing lady walked into my life called Tracy.

Meditation it really does work!

Tracy Ann Hughes - Meditation.jpg

Tracy has been working with me to ease my illness, my meditations are focusing on being present, grounding and letting thoughts arise and fall. I can say this is the first time in an exceptionally long time that I can feel like I have control over my illness, I have a clearer mindset, I am calmer, and I am finding I am not worrying so much about things. My meditation is time for me to heal, to ground myself, to give myself the time it needs to relax.

 I believe everyone should meditate, could you imagine how the world would be, more harmony and less stress. I would highly recommend Tracy as she has taught me so much about myself. 

 Be kind to yourself and heal –anonymous x