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Mindfulness and Meditation - Helping with Physical Pain
26 Feb 2021

Mindfulness and Meditation - Helping with Physical Pain

I have always been a believer in serendipity and so when I saw a mail from Tracy Hughes offering an online meditation session, I grasped the opportunity immediately.

In addition, I did reach out to Tracy explaining that I had just had an operation to repair a tear in my rotator cuff and was experiencing a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Tracy Ann Hughes - Mindfulness helping Pain.jpg

She suggested I stay online after the meditation session which I did ......to put into place I had previously done a wonderful meditation course under Tracy’s guidance and knew her and had great confidence in the work she does.

Incredibly it appeared that she was just in the process of setting up her new and revised business and was hoping to reach out to people in just my predicament......! 

As I said at the start I have always believed in serendipity and that things happen for a reason.

The week I had daily Mindfulness and meditation sessions with Tracy the difference in how I felt both mentally, physically, and emotionally was palpable.  The pain became more manageable and bearable, my mood lifted and things in other parts of my life just fell into place in the most extraordinary way.  I was hooked and am convinced that she has played an incredible part in my ongoing convalescence.

It is hard to describe how it felt but to put it simply it was as if I had a guardian angel on my shoulder assisting, helping and aiding me in everything I did.  Giving me the confidence that I was going to improve and that the pain would lessen and the movements would return.

I find it hard to believe that only four weeks after surgery – two since I was able to discard the sling – that I am able to do so much as life slowly returns to normal.

I am immensely grateful to Tracy for her help and continued guidance on my path to a full recovery and want to wish her every success in her new venture.

I will always be incredibly indebted to her for showing me the path to choose.

Carole-Anne – 2021