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Spiritual Wellness Within Ourselves
2 Sep 2021

Spiritual Wellness Within Ourselves

Spiritual Wellness Within Ourselves

Do we consider the ways in which we ourselves are spiritual people?

Considering this possibility represents a powerful paradigm shift. So often, we believe that we must be different and better to qualify as “spiritual”.

But as Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in her spiritual memoir Eat, Pray, Love:

“God dwells within you as you yourself, exactly the way you are …. God isn’t interested in watching you enact some performance of personality to comply with some crackpot notion of how a spiritual person looks or behaves.”

Your spiritual journey won’t look exactly like anyone else’s … it isn’t supposed to! Rather, it will be unique just as you are unique.

That said, you can learn a great deal by reading others’ accounts of their journeys and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way.

I have been shaken to my core, walked uphill through treacle “well that’s what it felt like” and I have wanted to give up on many occasions when life gets too tough!

I have said goodbye to friends, my dad and Mum have left planet earth, I have been divorced and much more. However, this is not a sad story to tell but one of transformation and joy overall. Through all the above changes, and many others unsaid - my life is good. The friends I have are the ones I want in my life, and the life I have is my life.

Born in 1965 means I have partied, travelled, and enjoyed many great things, I have not been stifled by the 2020 dogma and changes, but also, I am seeing greed, hate, and a lot less love in the world now.

We are a human race and need to change, and change quickly, we are killing ourselves and the planet with mindless thought forms and addictive technology. Less people are connected to the earth and Source, and more are running away from themselves and what is in their hearts.

Too many people trust the media, doctors, and the government to guide us in different ways (often down the wrong path) and less and less people look within and if they did, “wow” you would understand you are listening to the wrong voice.

On one hand I am excited for the new changes taking shape in this world and yet I am shaken again with what life is dictating to us and what people are accepting and believing.

What makes you think the government know what they are talking about, they are only human after all, often with an agenda present and in mind.