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Who Am I? - A Little About Me




“My name is Tracy Ann Hughes born into the world as a sensitive being - always learning to navigate my connection to love.

Over many years I have had a lot of experience receiving different energy transmissions to work on myself and upgrade my own energy and evolve as a Soul. I am guided to connect more and more to a loving world and assist in seeding this here on earth.”




Now a Multidimensional healer with a deep connection to the Creator and on-going revelation of having many lifetimes here on earth - Light Language comes through me from a higher Archangelic expression for each soul enabling that individual’s energy frequencies to upgrade naturally.

One of my greatest moments is being given the rite of the Womb transmission – freeing women from suffering and working on their linage. Subtle yet powerful, nurturing until there is no more fear or pain in the womb – only creative and expansive energy.

The pathway home can feel like walking through treacle sometimes – working with someone that has trodden the path before you – or walks with you - always helps.

All you have is inside you – take a look it’s amazing”

Tracy Ann Hughes.

Tracy Ann Hughes BSoM