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Psychic Counselling




Life is so fast now, but I see you!

As a natural empath with a deep understanding on how hard things can be to fully live your life when you have felt all the twists and turns of what seems like an unsupported life through the absence of love - faith and trust seem to leave. It’s as if the pain turns inward and no one else seems to be able to help? – I am here to support you.

The truth is I have walked down many paths and often they led to a dead end, or the promise of the rainbow disappears quickly because that person or situation was for my own growth, and no one could help me.

Learning how to navigate this world, especially the sensitive beings, you need another Soul who has trodden the path before you to shine the light during those testing times.

I was blessed with assistance in the end and found my way to wholeness through time and determination, SO CAN YOU!

Becoming further trained in counselling assisted me in really being able to hold space for another human being.

Why Psychic Counselling?

We are made up of many facets, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual and ALL must be addressed to move forward in this life. I hold space for ALL of you.

Through trauma parts of us hide or break away and fragment from us, to keep us safe until that part of our life heals. Sometimes its small things like being hit by our mother or Father, the loss of a loved one, being bullied and picked on, not being understood, the lack of support from family or friends, or just a lack of understanding ourselves and our own needs. There are so many areas which can cause PTSD which are overlooked by a regular person who does not have a trained inner eye to see the bigger picture.

My approach is compassionate, non-judgemental, and holistic, no matter your own journey or religion - they all are held in high regard.

One of my skills is to clear blocked and stuck energy across all timelines, we all bring baggage into this world, some unwittingly continue to collect it only making their own backpack a burden to carry. Plus, without knowing we can attract more negative energy when unfortunate choices are made too.

The key is to navigate that and TOGETHER it gets cleared. This is not a 5-minute fix, and you are part of this work too but know the rewards are huge. 

How will I feel afterwards?

You will feel so much lighter, you will have more energy as much of you returns into wholeness your outlook will change and a natural upliftment from within will happen.

The overriding goal is to align you with your true nature (Higher Self) which just stepped back while you were dealing with other stresses and strains of life.

I will utilise and blend many modalities that I know and have studied to enable you to reach your highest potential, exploring, healing, and transforming any blocks present.

Give me a call or drop me a line and we can have a chat to clarify we are suited to work together and a right fit - through our conversation you will know what is right for you.

Please understand whatever you wish to discuss is held in strict confidence.


Energy & Magic

What I do is like magic to me, with your participation I am able to see into the fragmentation and disconnection and call it back to you. Placing light into the darkness of that moment, we are all made up of energy whether we understand it or not and sometimes that energy gets misplaced, or mis-used by others or ourselves.

My gift to you is to create a space for lasting change.




We ALL wish for balance in our lives, but some instances leave us in pain or ‘burn-out’ from relationships, work issues, loss, separation, and trauma - to name but a few. Many people do not even know why they are troubled or continue to repeat the same patterns - time and time again!

Psychic counselling is simple we have a brief discussion, and we will establish our connection if you are happy to move forward a commitment is made to work together for a minimum of 4 sessions, whereby we will review this at the end.

We can discuss how payment is made for the sessions when we speak to each other.

The whole point is to clear all layers thus creating a lasting and positive change. Once the sessions are complete you can make a conscious choice to keep going or reflect for a while.

Remember - you must want to move forward and be open to a new perspective!

Investment £55 x 1.5 hrs (with a commitment of 4 x sessions)

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