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Spiritual Counselling




I call myself a Spiritual Counsellor, rather than a life coach, due to my Holistic approach to every person I meet.

Everything in life is made up of energy and this is what I intuitively see in almost all life situations. My Holistic healing approach will naturally discover the root cause of a person’s imbalance, whether it be from the past or present.




We ALL wish for balance in our lives, but some instances leave us in pain or ‘burn-out’ from relationships, work issues, loss, separation and trauma - to name but a few instances. Many people do not even know why they are troubled or continue to repeat the same patterns - time and time again!

Spiritual counselling is simple 30-minute discussion with you where we will establish if we can work together and if you are in the right state to move forward. If you are, I ask for a commitment of 4 X sessions with a review at the final session.

The four sessions isn’t necessarily the end of the process - hence the review. The whole point to the counselling is to clear all layers in order to create a lasting and positive change.

Remember - you must want to move forwards and be open to a new perspective!

Investment £80 x 1.5 hrs (with a commitment of 4 x sessions)


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