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"After a friend's recommendation and following an agonisingly painful relationship "break-up" - being sceptical at first, I have been stunned at the speed things are changing for the better in only 3 sessions .... I have received financial gifts; offered job opportunities and even some positive communication from the "Ex"!   

Tracy's non-judgmental and nurturing attitude has allowed me to quite literally "BEAR MY SOUL". I am more engaged with the UNIVERSE and are becoming more aware of my SPIRITUAL JOURNEY as well as GOOD THINGS coming back into my life...  Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxx "  


“Right from the word go, I felt totally at ease with Tracy. Her understanding, gentle, non-judgemental approach is exactly what you need when life feels difficult. Slowly but surely, I've emerged from the hole I was in. I found it extremely difficult to explain to anyone what was troubling me, but Tracy instantly got to the heart of the matter - and spared me the pain of having to! Now I can laugh again and I'm enjoying life. I can't pretend to fully understand how light language works - it just does. On top of that, it's unbelievably good value for money, and far more effective than any traditional counselling in my opinion. So don't stay stuck in a tricky place; just give it a go, like I did.”

Erin 2021

“I have had a few energy cleansing sessions with Tracy, and they have helped me profoundly. I felt the difference almost straight away, feeling lighter, more composed, and stronger within myself. Tracy is very understanding, non-judgemental, kind and has a wonderful gift.”

Kindest regards


“The Sacred Soul Energy Healing with Tracy was incredibly healing and helpful. It helped bring greater understanding, deeply resonated with me, and gave me ways forward. Tracy is a very intuitive and gifted healer; she will help shine light on your journey.

I’ve had a bit of a blip and feel much less clear about things again, but we will press on with donor eggs as it does seem to be the option that will give us the best chance of success overall.”


“I highly recommend Tracy for a healing/reading. When I reached out to her I wasn’t quite sure if have an urgent question. But before I knew it the questions just came. She is gentle, accurate and delivers guidance in a unique way. It resonated with my soul, and I am very grateful for her energy.”

Kindest Regards 

Mia DINS  M.Sc. 


“Tracy has the keen ability to analyse, depict and alter the energetics of our chakras. If you feel drawn to her work and services, it is time for you to regain balance and energetic harmony. Besides her powerful aptitude for clearing old energies across many lifetimes and replacing them with beneficial energies towards your most aligned path, she is generous, gentle, kind, loving, and a wonderful person to have this soul-full service done by.” 

Sunny - From Australia 

“Thank you, Tracy, for my soul path reading, it was so accurate and purposeful.
It was the right reading for me to start connecting back with the divine and learn more about my spiritual journey.

The reading allowed me to have clarity on certain feelings or challenges that I face and have faced in the past. A new doorway was opened, and old doors were closed, I came away feeling I had a clearer path and ways to move forward.

Tracy was so calming and caring, she made me feel I could open about my emotions and understand more deeply why I had faced these challenges. The meditation at the end of the reading was a great way to tie everything together. I would highly recommend this beautiful and gifted lady.”



“You have a warm and beautiful gentle spirit and I felt calm and peaceful in your presence. An instant spiritual attraction.

You touched on areas of my life that were buried and areas that I had been struggling with since birth. 

The slavery was particularly interesting as I have always felt "chained, shackled" physically not just by people in my life in the real time.

In dreams I felt like I was shackled in a medieval dungeon and other time I have always thought that I was meant to be born with dark skin in Africa. I used to question this to myself as a child. Maybe in many lives I have been enslaved, just as I was by my ex-husband and somewhat by my parents in their limited beliefs. 

You have an amazing gift and astounding potential to touch many lives with your healing journey. “

Kia kaha from NZ, with love and blessings, 

“I came across this incredible, remarkable lady by chance, as a clairvoyant physic and medium i have done a few readings for her.

But as a reader we all need some help at some point to help with grounding ourselves and removing the negativity we pick up from others.

If I could give Tracey a million stars I would, she is one in a million and the light language work she does is unbelievable and amazing what a talent. I highly recommend Tracy.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart you are simply the best.”


“Thank you, Tracy. I’ve just had a lovely little thing that happened naturally as I was pottering in kitchen. I start to feel emotional, and I just spoke aloud naturally, welcoming the part of me that has returned for integration, I said to that part of me I was sorry for leaving you on your own for so long, and that it was truly welcome back inside of me where it is now safe and sound. I explained that I would have only done what I thought was best at that time when I was a baby. I put my hands out welcoming it in and guided it towards my heart. It feels right. Thank you so much for facilitating these things to happen.” 

Warm Regards 

Jackie P  

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